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Raslouw Academy

Raslouw Academy

A wise man once said: “ In one way or another, each of us is a teacher. A few people, however, may devote their lives to this noble profession. They share themselves, so that others may grow and learn.”

Welcome to Raslouw Academy and Raslouw Junior Academy, where we strive to do just that! Raslouw Academy and Raslouw Junior Academy are remedial schools based in Centurion. The original school, Raslouw Academy, was founded by Dr U Pretorius in 2004 after a need for specialised education had been identified in the community.

Our history

Starting with merely a handful of learners and only three educators, Raslouw Academy has grown to accommodate close to 160 learners in 2021, all the while providing a safe, structured environment where learners can grow emotionally, socially and academically. A need for a separate property to accommodate our Foundation Phase learners (Grade R to 3) was identified, with Raslouw Junior Academy becoming operational in 2017. An exciting occasion in the history of both Raslouw Academy and Raslouw Junior Academy was when both schools were awarded full Umalusi Accreditation in 2020, verifying that our learners are exposed to quality teaching and learning continuously.


Our mission

Raslouw Academy and Raslouw Junior Academy provides a one-stop solution for special-needs learners in a safe and supportive environment, with our creed being that a good education teaches a child what to remember from the past, what to enjoy in the present, and what to plan for in the future. It is our constant endeavour, too,to recognise achievement every day and to reward responsibility every hour.
This personalised approach to teaching makes for happy, well-adjusted learners, and is ultimately geared at optimising that one moment in childhood when the door opens and the future is let in. As we all know, a child can be saved from the worst circumstances by providing the opportunity for a good education.
Raslouw Academy and Raslouw Junior Academy are led by our Golden Circle, believing that why we operate is at the heart of how and what we do.

Why: To allow individuals to meet the future with confidence
How: Through a supportive and safe environment
What: With a mutidisciplinary and individualised curriculum catering for specialised education needs.
At Raslouw Academy and Raslouw Junior Academy, we truly live by our Mission and Vision statements, allowing our learners to enter the world and live to their potential by meeting the future with confidence.

What makes us unique?

The dedicated and highly-qualified educators at Raslouw Academy and Raslouw Junior Academy teach according to the principle of providing continuous support to each learner individually. They accept that every learner’s journey is unique, especially since they may have been referred to the school for reasons such as ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, Epilepsy and/or other social and emotional problems.
At Raslouw Academy and Raslouw Junior Academy, we endeavour always to recognise that all learners are unique, even if mainstream systems opt to classify them in terms of broad brushstrokes such as “special needs”, “at risk” or even “unteachable”.

Our skilled educators recognise too, that every learner develops at his or her own pace, both emotionally and academically, and adapt their teaching to ensure that the school provides a stimulating and structured environment. By turning the learning experience into a joyful one, learners are assisted at becoming ever-more respectful, responsible and confident individuals.
At Raslouw Academy and Raslouw Junior Academy, we subscribe to the words of Robert Maynard Hutchins when he observed that “the object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives”.